Monday, 12 January 2009

Yellow Submarine

My landlord now has orgies. He is no longer happy to rabbit fuck the young pretty girl clones above my room, he now likes to invite several young girls over and take turns on them with his fiends. Actually, I'm not even sure he knows the men that he invites over to join in. I say this because I answered the door to one of them who asked me if I was my landlord.. mmm?! I suspect there is a website where one might arrange such gatherings.

I worry for the young girls because they are no older than 19 (ish) and I don't feel they are capable of deciding this choice of pass time. Maybe I am wrong. I consider the 19 year old girls I know (one in particular whom I work with and is a star) and am confident that they would regret being involved in such a party. Perhaps not immediately but certainly when they come to settle with that special someone and the question of previous partners arises. If the intention is an honest relationship they would have to state "yeah I once went to party where three men in there early forties took turns on me while I wailed like a banshee". To which he would reply "that's nice dear, will you have my children?" pffft! I'm not judging, I just have concerns.

The orgies just happened to kick off on the weekend my scouse guy came to stay. Thursday was the smaller affair with maybe two young girls and three men. The noise above me was intolerable and lasted almost two hours. At one point the wailing turned to cries of "NO" which sent me into a panic as I didn't know what I should do. I mean, I know what I should do but in reality you do become disoriented. The "NOs" soon became cries of "YES" so panic over. They were obviously just trying something new.

On the Friday morning I was informed that a larger scale party would take place in the (currently empty) ground floor flat. He has been unable to let this flat for quite a while so it did cross my mind that this was a party people may have to pay to attend. I don't believe this to be the case now.

Scouse guy arrived and when we made it off my bed I explained the previous evening, and what is and might be occurring that night. He was a little surprised but happy to continue with the planned evening of wine and a dvd (because January is a financially shit month). I cooked, we ate, we drank and the party began beneath. It was a normal party too with guests smoking outside - all were fully clothed - and music and laughter could be heard.

Where I live is 'non smoking' so I have to smoke outside in the street or in my car. Fortunately, scouse guy smokes too so on several occasions throughout the evening we sat in his car with the engine running for warmth. We had been drinking so we did get carried away, this ended when some party goers left and mistook our car for a taxi (cos the engine was going I guess), they walked up quicker than he could empty his mouth and walked away just as quick. We soon went in.

When most of the people had left the party and orgy ensued - as expected. It really is a strange experience sitting above an orgy when trying to get to know someone and attempting a good impression. We had seen each other several times before so I don't think he was put off by this. He is coming again this week so I guess not. In fact, we have made several plans. To avoid a jinx I'm not going to write anymore about him... for now!

My intention was to stay single but you really don't know what or who is around the corner.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Seasonal mixers

I have enjoyed my first single Christmas and New Year, it has been almost nine years, I did spend most of it with my family which was real nice as it happened.

I have also met many new and interesting people. This time of year leads to excessive socializing and drinking, this coupled with my current status and mind set has been lethal combination... fun though!

The highlights!

Pre-Christmas, and out on the lash, I did meet a really nice scouse guy. He was officially the first person I had pulled whilst out - and subsequently took home - for years. It wasn't a great success on account of me puking in the toilet for most of the night. The next morning, after asking his name, I learned he was not a local lad. Originally from Liverpool (obviously) he now resided in a small town in North Dorset. We picked up his belongings from the hotel, went for breakfast and exchanged numbers.

I thought that would have been it if I'm honest but we did stay in touch and arranged to meet in the new year as he was returning to Liverpool for the festive period. We couldn't wait, so I went to his "crap small town" the evening before he left. This felt like a success!

He went away and Christmas began. He called me Christmas day and then I didn't hear anything from him. I know he was due to go to Cream on boxing day so I concluded that either:
  • He was no longer interested
  • He had met someone else
  • He had lost his mobile
  • He had died of a recreational drug overdose
  • He had been mugged and/or killed by some scouse chavs (they even do it to their own)

New years eve was great! My lil sis and I went out with a few mates. In what is fast becoming the norm, I drank far too much far too quickly and have no memory of several of the venues we visited. Midnight came and went with myself being completely oblivious to the passing of 2008 - this was probably an unconscious motivation. 2008 was shyte on so many levels and for so many of my friends and family, myself included!

New years day I made contact with a guy. He lives on a council estate, the council estate which one of jobs is heavily involved with. I spent many of my teenage years growing up on a council estate so they don't bother me. I understand them. However, I am now on the other side of the fence so getting involved (socially) with the zombies on this estate might not prove to be a good idea... It wasn't!

I went over for a coffee that night. I had already made clear that I was only looking for friends. This was a good evening and ok coffee... ew... splutter! I met him the following day to have a look at the remains of the sales and went back to his to watch the celeb Big Brother launch. Now, on council estates nobody has a private life with people always visiting each other and talking in the streets so no one can hide. This guy was a friendly guy and 'out' to most who lived around him, he wouldn't have much choice in that really without actually faking it with woman. So we are sat there enjoying the coffee... cough splutter! when a straight 18 yr old who was recently out of prison came around to use his computer, which was fine normally, but on this occasion he had drank one bottle of whisky, half a bottle of brandy and smoked a quarter of skunk that day. The lad was wankered like I rarely see anyone wankered (myself excluded cos I don't see me), he could not speak and proceeded to knock things over. I was extremely uncomfortable but I was only a guest so I kept quiet and had confidence that my host could deal with it. He couldn't and the lad started to strip as if he were going to bed, completely unaware of where he actually was. I started to join my host in... getting him out of the flat! We managed to convince him to leave and so he did... in his boxers!! leaving his clothes and keys behind! My job was flashing before my very eyes.. after a brief panicked discussion we decided to find him and take him home with his clothes. We did this despite the dog walkers and late night amblers. You can imagine how this looked and why I am still fearful of any repercussions, this is why I have decided to post this event in an attempt to preempt any reports etc...

I have since told the guy that I will no longer be visiting that estate unless at work. He didn't take this well... I went out again. Another good one and the second time I have taken someone home. I spent most of the night in straight places but headed to gay town for a 'ten to twoer' (I guess that saying is void with the new licensing laws) but it didn't go down that way - no one did!

I started talking to kinda cute looking lad but immediately realised he was different. I asked "are you autistic?" he replied in a monotone voice "there is probably something wrong, or so they say". I was hooked, I wanted to talk with him more and so we did. He explained weather systems to me and how he predicts a really hot summer (you heard it here first), he went on to explain why. All I can remember now is that it has something to do with an el nino a few years ago which takes two years to settle... apparently. The club closed so we went. I knew he lived independently and was more than capable of getting his kebab (ew) and taxi but I felt I couldn't leave him there, so I took him home with the promise of a lift home in the morning. My place was a little untidy which he wasn't comfortable with so I quickly tidied. He went on to tell me in an emotionless voice of tragic events in his life and what they meant to him, which wasn't what they would mean to you or I. We then slept... separately as he does not like being touched. I did not try touching him, just for the record, he had previously told me this. He woke up and started talking more, I listened some more and then took him home!

I also caught up with some friends over the festive period, friends I hadn't seen for a long time. I really enjoyed this and plan to see them a lot more in 2009.

I was still a little puzzled about the scouse guy and remembered he said he had a gaydar profile, so I searched for it... found it... and left my number. In case he had lost his phone, not in a crazed stalker way - well maybe a little bit. I did this last night. He called me today! He had indeed lost his mobile but because he doesn't have insurance with the mobile network, a claim on his home insurance was going to take a long time. He was prepared to drive to one of my work places to find me... aw bless! I am grateful he's healthy and not dead. I'm grateful he called. I'm grateful he is coming to stay this weekend but that wasn't soon enough so now I'm going to stay tomorrow night... see what happens!!!

Happy New Year and here's hoping 2009 ROX!!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Festive joy?

Running around like a headless chicken in preparation for the two day holiday that I wish was just 5 days off, with none of the ceremony!

For a change, I'll be spending this year with family so even more reason to dread it.

The wankers at work place 1 have decided to ban blogger, it's a kick in the teeth. I have requested access to several sites with the argument that employees are allowed to use the Internet in their own time. I await a response but am not hopeful.

The wankers at work place 2 wont fuck off, something to do with the time of year! This time of year is too busy at work place 2, I foolishly volunteered overtime which has left me no time to conduct my social life and prepare for Christmas... So Christmas shopping has had to wait. I will start that shit on Friday!

The fukwits at work places 1 and 2 will now be called 'zombies', it's something I have been thinking about. One job is customer facing and heavily integrated with benefit claimers - benefits is the most inappropriate name for benefits, perhaps if the name changed fewer zombies would live their lives on handouts - you really can't blame them for this, it's the most obvious case of classical and operant conditioning. They fill in some forms and wait around for a few hours and hey presto a reward in the form of money is received, and so the behaviour is reinforced. The job centre is a giant Skinner box. I do acknowledge that for many the need is genuine, gratefully received and deserved as their contributions ensure the money is there when they need it, but there seems to be a growing majority who wander around from municipal building to municipal building making a career out of claiming. I do blame them and I don't, they have been repeatedly rewarded for their lifestyles with no emphasis on empowerment or self sufficiency. Doctors are also to blame and they aren't, they have limited time to see patients so they sign people off work or register them disabled for no significant reason other than to get them out of their surgery.

Job 2 brings a whole new meaning to my 'zombie theory' but I don't have time for that right now. The zombies I deal with are not those having an existential crisis like my beloved Otto in Bruce LaBruces film, they are zombies because they cannot think for themselves or believe they are thinking for themselves and in complete control but really they are so controlled it's frightening.

I haven't seen any other Bruce LaBruce films yet but I like this one - oh and he's Canadian making Canadian movies.

I'll be Christmas shopping and partying for the foreseeable... and doing research!


Sunday, 14 December 2008


I'm never drinking again, well not wine anyway, well maybe only with meals, oh and to socialize... oh OK anything, anytime and for any reason!

Another whole day wasted with a gale force hangover, this hedonism will have to stop soon but I did have another great evening. I went to a mates with my sister and watched the Xfactor final, yes I admit that, I haven't really watched many of the shows but any excuse for a get together. I like the winners song but prefer K D Lang's version. This was supposed to be an alternative to getting together in town but after the result, and a few sing alongs to selected Moulin Rouge songs, we ended up out anyway. Fortunately for me (not them) my parents live central so I turned up at 4am to crash - apparently, well that's where I woke up. I didn't pull, I don't think.

I had my first Christmas 'do' on Friday night. This was uneventful but a pleasant evening. Having two jobs means I may have to go to another, nothing has been arranged as yet.

Bad news: I haven't had sex for 11 days. I haven't started Christmas shopping yet, not even written cards.

Good news: Holiday romance guy got in touch, he arrived back home safely to warmer climates and said he smiled all the way home because of me, he considers our night together 'special'. I am glad to hear this as I now know it wasn't one sided. I wish I could have smiled about it but I wanted MORE!! It's such a shame but meeting him helped me forget the ex, in fact it blew the ex out of the water.
My brother is leaving rehab next week, he is ready to leave the supported accommodation and live on his own. He began his treatment over a year ago and is still doing really well, I hope he stays clean and dry.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Emotional Pushover!

Recovering after MJs party! I started chatting to a guy on gaydar this week. He made it clear he wanted a LTR and I made it clear that I did not. I said I was interested in finding friends and maybe more. He wanted to continue chatting and he was kinda interesting and well educated, about to finish his PhD. He lived 40 miles away (approx) so really not a problem. We progressed to MSN.

We talked about Julianne Moore as we both felt she is an underrated actress. It then transpired that my all time favourite scene in a film, which is the breakdown scene at the chemist in Magnolia, is a scene he shows to his students. Not so much of a coincidence as this is a great scene in a great film...

We talked about many more things over a period of three hours one night and two hours the next. Then he asked and I replied as follows (** = me) - what follows here is a gargantuin breach of privacy which I feel a little bad about:

***** says:
do you like me? lol
** says:
yeah you are a very easy to get on with guy
** says:
with great taste in movies
** says:
and actresses
** says:
and breakdown scenes
***** says:

** says:
and some smart first year students

I went on for a bit more listing as much as I could remember about him, I think I mistook the question for a memory task, then:

are these my credetials?
** says:
lol this information I have stored
** says:
so... what can you tell me about me? (I admit I was a little flirty here)
***** says:
probably deceptively smart
***** says:
I think you had a ruggedness, but sensitive amd warm at heart
***** says:
a pushover emotionally, lol
***** says:
I think you need the love, care and attention of a good man! and I mean good in all senses

Now, even after five hours of 'chatting' can somebody make such judgements? A pushover emotionally?!! Need the love and attention?? I got a little pissed off because I had made myself clear from the outset...

** says:
gosh! wasn't expecting that lol
***** says:
***** says:
am I wrong then?
** says:
erm... prob not in some respects

** says:
i would say that I don't 'need' the love and attention but rather would like the love and attention
***** says:
***** says:
well that's the same thing really ....
***** says:
maybe you have an unrecognised need - as opposed to a want

A bit of an argument ensued and I started questioning his motivations because he is cruising gaydar for LTR. I had already thought about this and while I recognise relationships on gaydar can and do happen, I was interested in the way he was specifically looking for a relationship with great effort.

I have only entered into a LTR as a result of falling for someone etc not a conscious decision to seek out and get with anyone else that is also looking, so I wanted to understand his stance...

** says:
but dont you beleive in meeting someone and falling in love unexpected?
***** says:
not sure any more lol
***** says:
of course it has to develop
***** says:
but it's meeting a guy in the first place that is the problem!
***** says:
love takes months and months to develop anyway
** says:
i was thinking about you earlier... and it 'seems' like you have decided you want a relationship and are now thinking "i'm ready to take a partner now" and are just going to take one

***** says:
thinking about me when?
** says:
at work
***** says:
oh no I would never just take one!
***** says:
I am probably the fussiest guy you'll meet
***** says:
I have seen various people for quite a few weeks over the years, but never wanted to commit
***** says:
it just never felt right to me - so I have had my chances, as it were

Still pissed off about the previous description of me...

** says:
so what you are doing now is sifting through the varying levels of shyte on gaydar to find a potential, then see if anything happens
***** says:
***** says:
well if you put it like that ...
***** says:
not really; I am trying to find someone who has similar desires
***** says:
then see if/what happens

I went on to advise of an application on facebook he may be interested in because I wasn't interested in a relationship, as I had made clear from the get go. He took the advice as a 'brush off'?!

***** says:
you brushing me off then? haha
***** says:
true ...
** says:
I have had a shyte year and been hurt twice (one was nice hurt) and all my friends and family are telling me to stay single for a while so I might take that advice... as you said...'emotional pushover'
** says:
***** says:
***** says:
that's fair enough
** says:
I am interested in making new friends and visiting etc and if things do happen well that's really out of my control
***** says:
** says:
but you should know... if we do meet etc... that my mind is set on remaining single right now although 'I' realise that things like that are often outa my hands
** says:
fuk me I talk shit
***** says:
no that's fine
***** says:
thanks for the honesty
** says:
so what are your thoughts?
***** says:
***** says:
I need bed?!
** says:

I guess a shags out of the question then?

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Voice from above

I have two part-time jobs and find it too much of a division at times. Luckily I spend Monday and Tuesday at one job and the rest of the week at another but this makes my working week feel like two weeks, in all, my normal week feels like three if I include the weekend.

Fortunately, one work place isn't having a Christmas 'do' and I think the other is this weekend... I should check that! ...Checked and it's this Friday just after MJs.

I should have a tame one this weekend, I have been getting far too drunk and spending all possible out-of-work-time out which is expensive. It has been such a larf though.

I am hoping my landlord doesn't bring back another clone over the weekend. His bedroom is above mine so when I am home it gets tres annoying, at first i just thought "good on him" but not anymore.

He chooses pretty girls who really have no opinions and no voice. Their hair is bleached and straightened to within an inch of its life, they have an orange complexion, they're draped in New Look clothing and need leading around - if they're not led I think they would freeze until prompted to move or wander off and get lost. They do find a voice when they're being rabbit fucked above me morning, noon and night albeit a limited vocabulary. I can't distinguish between them visually or aurally, I know the girls are different because they vary in height.

All credit to him at the end of the day, whichever clone it happens to be this week, the man can can reach a phenomenal speed and maintain this speed for ten minutes or more, have a short break and straight back in the saddle. He does have enviable stamina.

I'll get my own back one of these weekends and then he'll realise why I have never patted him on the back...

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Saturday 6th December 2008

Saturday was a beautiful day, it was still cold but the sky was clear blue. I intended to start some Christmas shopping but when the weather is so good you have to make the most of it. Besides I have come to hate shopping at any time of the year so Christmas shopping - shopping for others! - just annoys me!

I am fortunate enough to live in Bournemouth. Dorset and Hampshire have so many lovely places to visit and the some of the best walking ground, one of my favourite places is Hengistbury Head, which is handy as I live very close to this.

I put on my boots, grabbed my camera and headed in the opposite direction to most people. That felt good!

From the South and East sides of Hengistbury you can clearly see The Needles on the Isle Of Wight

Thinking I'm a professional photographer, I clamber onto the South Side to get a picture of The Needles

Thinking I'm an utterly brilliant photographer, I sprawl in the grass for an alternative shot of The Needles.

View from Hengistbury Head looking west as Southbourne and Bournemouth Beaches.

One of those map things that people often gather around in large numbers in case they didn't know where they were or what they are looking at.

View looking North-east over Mudeford Spit and Quay

The ornamental pond on top of Hengistbury Head

I was kinda fascinated with how completely different this pond looks from different angles. I'm not sure these photos capture this well.

The ornamental pond from a slightly different angle

I walked over the top and down onto Mudeford Spit, I walked along the beach and sat on some sea defence rocks. Then I cried... I don't know why and can't remember the last time I did cry. I was out of the way and nobody could see. I have experienced quite a lot of shit this year so I think I deserved it, it may have been the Sigur Ros on my ipod or just the solitude, location and weather but I bawled like a baby! I felt fine before and felt brilliant immediately after.

Mudeford Spit beach huts

Although Hengistbury Head is located in Bournemouth it is actually Christchurch Council who manage and maintain Mudeford Spit as part of Mudeford Quay, I can't remember who pays who for what. Christchurch Council provide the sea defences.

I walked back along the spit past the beach huts that reportedly sell for £150,000 each, I doubt they're reaching that at the moment. I know of one beach hut that didn't get it's full asking price of £80,000.

£80,000 is still a lot of money for what is essentially a shed, some have electric and plumbing but most do not. I realise it's the location that people are paying for but it's still a shed in a nice location.

Would I pay £80,000 for this blue shed? Really really not

Would I pay that for this pink shed? Well this one is pink. It does not have a picnic table blocking the entrance which was tempting with the blue one, neither has it any upturned boats but it is pink.

The answer is still really really not!

I walked around the south side in what was literally blinding sun and followed the beach down, this starts as sand becomes a pebble beach which is occasionally used by naturalists in the summer months.

The South-east corner

The South beach at Hengistbury Head

And they said it would snow...