Monday, 12 January 2009

Yellow Submarine

My landlord now has orgies. He is no longer happy to rabbit fuck the young pretty girl clones above my room, he now likes to invite several young girls over and take turns on them with his fiends. Actually, I'm not even sure he knows the men that he invites over to join in. I say this because I answered the door to one of them who asked me if I was my landlord.. mmm?! I suspect there is a website where one might arrange such gatherings.

I worry for the young girls because they are no older than 19 (ish) and I don't feel they are capable of deciding this choice of pass time. Maybe I am wrong. I consider the 19 year old girls I know (one in particular whom I work with and is a star) and am confident that they would regret being involved in such a party. Perhaps not immediately but certainly when they come to settle with that special someone and the question of previous partners arises. If the intention is an honest relationship they would have to state "yeah I once went to party where three men in there early forties took turns on me while I wailed like a banshee". To which he would reply "that's nice dear, will you have my children?" pffft! I'm not judging, I just have concerns.

The orgies just happened to kick off on the weekend my scouse guy came to stay. Thursday was the smaller affair with maybe two young girls and three men. The noise above me was intolerable and lasted almost two hours. At one point the wailing turned to cries of "NO" which sent me into a panic as I didn't know what I should do. I mean, I know what I should do but in reality you do become disoriented. The "NOs" soon became cries of "YES" so panic over. They were obviously just trying something new.

On the Friday morning I was informed that a larger scale party would take place in the (currently empty) ground floor flat. He has been unable to let this flat for quite a while so it did cross my mind that this was a party people may have to pay to attend. I don't believe this to be the case now.

Scouse guy arrived and when we made it off my bed I explained the previous evening, and what is and might be occurring that night. He was a little surprised but happy to continue with the planned evening of wine and a dvd (because January is a financially shit month). I cooked, we ate, we drank and the party began beneath. It was a normal party too with guests smoking outside - all were fully clothed - and music and laughter could be heard.

Where I live is 'non smoking' so I have to smoke outside in the street or in my car. Fortunately, scouse guy smokes too so on several occasions throughout the evening we sat in his car with the engine running for warmth. We had been drinking so we did get carried away, this ended when some party goers left and mistook our car for a taxi (cos the engine was going I guess), they walked up quicker than he could empty his mouth and walked away just as quick. We soon went in.

When most of the people had left the party and orgy ensued - as expected. It really is a strange experience sitting above an orgy when trying to get to know someone and attempting a good impression. We had seen each other several times before so I don't think he was put off by this. He is coming again this week so I guess not. In fact, we have made several plans. To avoid a jinx I'm not going to write anymore about him... for now!

My intention was to stay single but you really don't know what or who is around the corner.


eroswings said...

Good lord! You live in a porn studio! Well hearing an orgy certainly makes for an entertaining visit!

MJ said...

Do you think it's catered by Cafe C?

BEAST said...

Makes you wonder why the 19 year old girls want to spend their time getting shagged by a load of 40 year old blokes .
Still supose everyones gotta have a hobby

Hardhouse said...

eros it's a weekend neither of us will ever forget and only partly because of the orgyness...
*smiles dreamily*

MJ: I think it's probably hosted by BEAST it's just he has never disclosed his true ID to me. Catered for by Mr C employing several of your house boys to proffer lube and toys to the participants, and attended by Frobisher, Kapitano and your good self.

Seriously BEAST it does make me wonder! The men have a hobby the girls... I just don't know... unless they are being paid??
Would you like to pop over for coffee and biscuits during the next one?

BEAST said...

I think I would choke on me hobknobs

MJ said...

I would like to see Beast choke on your hobnobs, Mr. Hardhouse.

FirstNations said...

See, I'd go to his place.
how in the hell can you entertain with that going on overhead? you can't even make a sandwich; people are going 'OH GOD YEAH BABY YEAH OH FUCK YEAH' and you're trying to spread mayonnaise on the bread

thank you for that 'thought you were a cab' image, though. RAWK!

FirstNations said...

and btw....i really wouldn't worry too much about the 19 year old girls. having been one, i can state conclusively that...well, never mind what i can state conclusively. just know that....i can state it.


REAL conclusively.

MJ said...

Well since you're not around I'll just take off my knickers and sit on all items of furniture in your home.

CyberPete said...

This is very shocking!

You haven't posted since January?

MJ said...

It’s Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition time again!

Head over to Denmark to visit CyberPete.

Kapitano said...

Where the frell are you? No updates for three months.

MJ said...

We KNOW you're back.

Show yourself, bitch!

eroswings said...

I hope your doing fine and all is well with you.

Happy Holidays,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Hardhouse! I hope you spend the holidays with the people you luv, doing the things that make you happy. Stay safe and warm!